Does Sharing Pictures Of Your Children On Facebook Put Them In Danger?

It is a common thing for parents to share pictures of their children on Facebook nowadays for the entire world to see. Some of them do it to simply share the growth and development of their kids with friends and family members that live far away from them. Even though this may appear to be just fine to some extent, it has its dangers too.

When you post pictures of your child on Facebook, you are creating an online social presence for them before they have any say about what is posted as well as the digital identity that will follow them in the future. You have no idea whether your child is going to like those pictures years from the time you will be posting them, regardless of whether you consider them cute.

Another danger of posting pictures on Facebook and other social media platforms is that once you have posted them, you cannot take them back. The pictures will always be out there. So when the child grows up and ends up disliking those pictures, he or she will not have a way to remove them from the internet. Even if you try to lock down the privacy settings so as to prevent people from viewing the pictures, it is not going to help you very much if the picture has already become a public property.

You will also be tampering with anonymity and consent issues when you post pictures of your children on Facebook. You will be in effect taking control of their digital identity. When it comes to posting pictures and other content online, it is not safe or ethical to publish something about someone else without their consent. Those pictures could have an impact on the social lives down the road. The online reputation that you are developing for your child could also end up having an effect on their college admissions or future employment.

Another danger of sharing your children’s pictures online is that someone may try to misuse your child’s image without your consent or knowledge. Nobody wants to see their child’s photograph passed as someone else. Someone may even go ahead and use the picture in unsavory context, something which may end up having an effect on your child’s image in future. When you post pictures of your child on Facebook, you have no idea where as well as in what hands they will end up.

When you share pictures of your children on Facebook, you may also be giving away their location. You might not be actively giving the location away, but if you are using a GPS enabled phone, it may collect sensitive information about your children, for instance, their school address, home address and addresses of other places that they frequent and post them to the public. With the risky world that we are living in nowadays, you do not want such information to get into wrong for hands, for instance of child traffickers or other ill-motivated individuals who may have an intention to harm you or your children.

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