3 Things You Need To Know For Photographing Toddlers

Toddler Photography

Photographing toddlers can be quite challenging, but you can still manage to get through the session with amazing pictures and lots of smiles with a few techniques. You can still get pictures that feature genuine and heartfelt smiles that are more than just turning up the cheeks or corners of the mouth when told to “Say Cheese!”.

There are three major techniques that you can use to make your photography session with toddlers fun and successful. One of them is giving rewards. The moment you meet the kid and tell him or her that you will be taking photos of them, let them know that they is something in it for them too if you want them to be cooperative. If you are not a parent to the toddler, make sure that the parents are okay with the rewards that you are promising their children. You can bring props, promise the child a lollipop, or any other small reward that will make them want to do well.

Another technique that you can use to make a photography session with toddlers successful is by playing with them. Unlike adults who can stay in a pause for long, most children cannot. If you try to make them do that, you will end up getting pictures that have stiff smiles or gloomy looks. The solution is to be playful with them because that is what they like. You can make funny faces with, play hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo or any other game that get them laughing so that you can take the best shots of them. Be sure to play with them games that they are comfortable with, otherwise you will not get anything out of them.

Still on playing with children, you can bring a funny noisemaker that can play with the children so as to allow you to get the best shots you are looking for. If you are too bold, the kids might be hesitant to play around you no matter how hard you try. The funny noisemaker could be a friend of yours or just a teddy-bear that makes funny sounds that will cause the kids to break into laughter or smile.

The third technique that you can use for photographing toddlers is asking them questions and establishing a relationship with them. You can ask the kids a few simple questions that can cause them to blush or brighten up with smiles, for instance their favorite colors, their favorite cartoon characters and so on. If the kid is of elementary age, you could ask them if there is someone at their school that they have a crush on that is making them put on that giddy, embarrassed or innocent look when you take pictures of them. This will definitely make them smile for you.

When taking pictures of toddlers, take your time and have fun being with them. If you want the session to be easy and successful, establish a playful relationship with them. This will make them feel comfortable around you. You should also gauge their personality so as to determine which technique to use on them.

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